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Bai Fu Hotel
Shanghai China
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Pazo de Agra
Santiago de Compostela Spain
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Rural House La Gañanía
Tenerife Spain
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Hostel Natura
Foz do Iguacu Brazil
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Hostal Morgan
Valparaiso Chile
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Navotua Homestay
Yasawa Islands Fiji
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Hostal Victor - Airport Hostel
Hostel in Lima Peru
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Hostal Miami
Hostel in Madrid Spain
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Hostal Doña Lola
Hostel in Torremolinos Spain
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4 Person Yacht Port Olimpic 4 bikes
Hostel in Barcelona Spain
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Available hostels and hotels in Berat

Ana's rest house

Address: Nikolla Buhuri Street Gorica Naighborhood
Description: Ana's rest house is a wonderful Hostel located in a typical Albania building...
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Berat Backpackers Hostel

Address: Gorica 295
Description: We are located in a beautiful location in the historic gorica quater of Berat. The old house has traditional features and a large garden with fruit trees to relax in....
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Castle Park - Hotel & Tourism Complex

Address: Rruga Berat-Permet
Description: Our cottages, restaurant, and hotel complex are situated high above the historic city of Berat on a scenic overlook, on the south side embankment of the Osumi River�...
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Hostel Mangalem

Address: Lagja Mangalem
Description: We can recommend hostels/hotels for people who enjoy late night partying :) We have enjoyed reconstructing our property to the UNESCO World Heritage requirements of the Mangalem....
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Hotel Berati

Address: L.28 Nentori
Description: An old characteristic house is nicely transformed in a comfortable hotel. Inside, it has the old look of...
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Hotel Kalaja

Address: Rruga Mbrica Kala Berat
Description: Hotel Kalaja offers comfortable lodging in Berat, Albania....
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Hotel Restaurant Klea

Address: Lagja Kala
Description: Hotel Restaurant Klea is newly opened property, located in a traditional castle house....
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Lorenc Guesthouse & Hostel

Address: Stiliano Bandill Lagja Gorica entrance nr.18
Description: Lorenc GuestHouse Hostel is a family run guest house...
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Nasho Vruho Hotel and Guesthouse

Address: Mangalem Quarter Xhymyrteka Street
Description: The hotel is in the old historical quarter of Mangalem which is a UNESCO quarter and one of the most characteristic historical ensembles in Albania....
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