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Available hostels and hotels in Tirana

Airport Hotel Tirana

Address: Perballe Aeroportit Nene Terez, Tirana
Description: Airport Hotel Tirana offers all the luxury facilities to make your stay unforgettable!...
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All Stars Hostel

Address: St. Him Kolli nr 45
Description: All Stars Hostel offers comfortable and affordable lodging in Tirana....
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Art Hostel Tirana

Address: Rruga Vllazen Huta nr. 79
Description: Art Hostel Tirana offers comfortable and clean rooms in Tirana!...
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B&B Tirana Smile

Address: Rruga e Bogdaneve, Pallati ENIL, Tirana
Description: Tirana Smile B & B is an elegant modern reconstruction after a recently conducted with contemporary ways....
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Bit Guesthouse

Address: Rruga Tefta Tashko Koco 49
Description: Bit Guesthouse is a nice, small and cozy nutshell located in the very heart of the capital....
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Bristol Hotel

Address: Str "Nikolla Jorga" , near to the national Exhib
Description: We are glad to introduce you to a brand new hotel but with a fifteen years experience in the field of hotel management......
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BUFF Hostel Tirana

Address: Rruga Johan Fon Han, Ndertesa 4, Hyrja 1
Description: Buff Hostel Tirana is the newest hostel in town!...
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Address: Pjeter Bogdani
Description: Check-Inn offers clean and cozy rooms in the city center of Tirana....
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City Hotel Tirana

Address: Rruga Ismail Qemali Nr.8/1
Description: City Hotel Tirana is a high standard, pleasant family-owned hotel with exquisite service located in the heart of Tirana...
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Cosy Hostel

Address: Rr. Elbasanit. Pall 2 (Siper Postes) Shk 1. Ap 6
Description: Cosy Hostel offers accommodation in Tirana, Albania....
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D1 Hostel

Address: Rruga Luigj Gurakuqi Nr 31/1
Description: D1 Hostel offers private and dormitory rooms in central Tirana....
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Destil Hostel

Address: Rr. Qemal Gurnjaku, 1001 Tirana, Albania
Description: In Destil you can spend a day filled of different activities and many facilities: bar, restaurant, relaxing garden and a comfortable bed in a quiet location....
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Diamond Hostel

Address: Rruga George W. Bush 8
Description: Living Hotel offers comfortable accommodation in Tirana....
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Dream Boutique Hotel

Address: Rruga Qemal Stafa 176/1 Tirana
Description: The Dream Boutique Hotel awaits its guests in a typical Tirana backstreet that has preserved its fascination intact, a charming corner of the city....
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Eklips Hotel

Address: Rruga Kabet, Mjull-Bathore
Description: Eklips Hotel is ideal for your holidays: we have facilities for couples and families and the city center with shops, bar and restaurants is nearby!...
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Firenze Hotel Tirana

Address: Bulevard Zogu i pare Nr.72
Description: Firenze Hotel Tirana is furnished to high standards....
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Freddy's Hotel

Address: Ground Floor 75 Bardhok Biba Street
Description: Spread over three properties, two of them brand new apartment blocks, Freddy's Hotel is your comfy and relaxed short-term home situated just 200m from Tirana's epicenter...
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Grand House

Address: S. Bruzi Street, Laprake
Description: Grand House offers comfortable rooms in Tirana....
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Guesthouse Bashkimi

Address: Barrikada Street Palace 131 Apartament nr.2
Description: Hostel Bashkimi is your comfy and relaxed short-term home situated just 10' minutes from Tirana's epic...
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Homestel Albania

Address: Njesia Nr.7, Rruga Kavajes Nr.80, Kat.7
Description: Hostel Albania is the second Hostel in Albania. 200m above the roofs of Tirana offering the best views. We are located in the hart of that vibrant city....
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Hostel Fredi

Address: Rruga Bardhok Biba 23, Apart 1, Building Tirana
Description: Fredi Hostel offers cozy and comfortable lodging in Tirana, Albania....
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Hostel Taipei 101 Tirane

Address: 6F, No.37. Rruga e KavajÃs Raiffeisen Bank Building
Description: Hostel Taipei 101 Tirane offers comfortable accommodation in Tirana....
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Hotel Areela

Address: Rruga Mahmut Fortuzi nr 5 (Rruga Barrikadave)
Description: Hotel Areela is situated in peaceful and quiet location to ensure relaxation and comfort....
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Hotel Baron

Address: Rruga Elbasanit Sauk
Description: Welcome to Hotel Restaurant Baron The hotel Restaurant Baron is informal business......
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Hotel Bylis

Address: Bardhok Biba Bardhok Biba
Description: Being positioned near the center, hotel offers to explore the most interesting places in Tirana. Hotel bar on the first floor is the perfect place to relax in the company of a beverage, food and pleasant music....
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Hotel Eliza

Address: Stavri Themeli Str. Vila 4/4
Description: Comfortable room, green terrace and pleasant atmosphere is waiting for your in the Hotel eliza in Tirana....
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Hotel Elysee

Address: Themistokli Germenji, 2/713
Description: Stay in Hotel Elysee - with a wonderful view of the city of Tirana!...
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Hotel Idea

Address: Bulevardi Zogu I 62/3
Description: Hotel Idea invites you to visit Tirana for unforgettable holidays!...
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Hotel Millennium

Address: Rruga Murat Toptani 5 Tirana
Description: The reception of Hotel Millennium is open 24 hours on 24 to ensure complete availability to our customers....
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Hotel Nobel

Address: Urani Pano Boulevard Zogu I
Description: Hotel Bar Restaurant Nobel is located right at the center of Tirana......
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Hotel Relax-City Center

Address: Rr. George W. Bush , (In front of the Albanian Par
Description: All accommodations are spacious and clean and meet all standards. Comfortable place where you can have pleasant stay....
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Hotel Restaurant Bujtina e Gjelit

Address: Rr.Don Bosco Nr.28
Description: Gjeli restaurant(outdoor,indoor) Enjoy the traditional albanian and italian cuisine.Rooster,pork,beef,la...
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Hotel Viktoria

Address: Rruga e Elbasanit, Sauk, Tirana
Description: Looking for a comfortable, affordable Albania accommodation for your visit to the country's capital? Use...
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Jolly Hotel

Address: Sheshi Avni Rustemi
Description: Jolly Hotel invites you to visit and explore Tirana....
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Livia Hotel

Address: Rruga Qemal Stafa 47 Tirana
Description: Livia Hotel offers great location in the Tirana. Free WiFi, air conditioner are in every room. Restaurant available in the hotel....
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Loreni Hostel

Address: Ground Floor, 75 Bardhok Biba Street
Description: Introducing Tirana�s freshest hostel in one of new Europe�s up and coming capitals....
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Milingona City Centre

Address: Rruga Vehbi Agolli Just off Beqir Luga street
Description: Milingona City Centre offers comfortable and affordable lodging in Tirana....
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Mirror Dream/Panorama

Address: Rr Zenel Baboci, behind Shkolla
Description: Not only well situated a few steps from Tirana Skanderbeg Square, but very comfortable as well, our flats offer air conditioned, fridge, tv set, proximity to public services, main institutions and nightlife areas...
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New W Hotel

Address: St Tre Vellezerit Kondi, 75
Description: The New W Hotel Tirana is a family start up business which wants to provide a unique experience for all guests....
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One Bedroom Flat Tirana

Address: Rruga Stavri Themeli, Tirana, Albania
Description: We offer lovely apartment for 4 persons....
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Oresti Hostel

Address: Check in location: Ground Floor 75 Bardhok Biba Street
Description: Nestled comfortably and quietly within the bustling Tirana streets sits Oresti Hostel, a charming depiction of Albanian hospitality....
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Pik Loti Hotel

Address: Petro Nini Luarasi Road
Description: Pik Loti is located just 5 minutes from the center of Tirana....
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Salku Serviced Rooms

Address: Bardhok Biba 75
Description: Our clean and comfortable serviced studios are perfect for short or long stays in Tirana for business or pleasure. Situated right in the heart of Tirana, everything you need is on your doorstep, and we offer a cheap airport pick up/drop off service....
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Selvia Appartment

Address: Selvia,Rr. Saracve 8th floor
Description: Tirana is truly a modern town. A whole lot of new buildings, like the one where our new apartment is situated, inhabit it. We chose this flat because of its location,...
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Star Hostel Tirana

Address: Dibra Street, Skanderbeg Square, Nr. 73 Near Tirana International Hotel
Description: In the heart of the capital Tirana, Star Hostel Tirana is perfect for visitors....
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Tirana Backpacker Hostel

Address: Rruga Bogdaneve Nr.3
Description: Central location, relaxed huge backyard with bar, great staff, well-equipped kitchen to use....
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Tirana EasyStay Apartments

Address: Rr. Barrikadave
Description: Tirana EasyStay Apartment is just few minutes walk from National Museum, Opera, Mosque and main boulevard. Well furnished, clean and brand new! It is perfect for a holiday or business trip!...
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Tirana Patio

Address: Rr: Zenel Baboci 16
Description: Nestled in the historical center of Albania�s capital, Tirana Patio is an intimate bed and breakfast with a Mediterranean setting in the heart of the city....
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Address: Rr. Musa Maci 1
Description: Welcome to Trip'n'Hostel!...
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Veranda Hostel

Address: Fortuzi nr. 5
Description: Veranda Hostel offer affordable lodging in Tirana....
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Vertigo Hostel

Address: Rruga Dhimiter Beduli 13
Description: Central location, outdoor bar and relaxing areas, comfortable rooms, friendly local and international staff: Welcome to Vertigo Hostel!...
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Vila 3G

Address: Rr. Sulejman Delvina, Vila 43/3
Description: Nearby are located all of the most famous bars, restaurants, pubs and shops....
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Vila Aeroport Tirana

Address: Rinas Airport Rinas
Description: Multilingual qualified staff, at your service 24/7!...
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Vila Shoshi

Address: Rruga Mihal Duri 35
Description: Vila Shoshi is situated just minutes away from the beautiful city center!...
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Villa Tafaj

Address: Rruga Mine Peza
Description: As the first private hotel in Albania, even after its renovation, the hotel retained its traditional style, cuisine and architecture....
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Zig Zag Hostel

Address: Myslym Shyri Nikolla Lena nr. 100
Description: Zig Zag is ideally situated between the lively main streets of the city and Blloku nightlife districts. We have the best prices, best bio food from villages....
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