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Gualambao Hostel
Posadas Argentina
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Rusheen Lodge
Ballyvaughan Ireland
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La Coperacha
Guatemala City Guatemala
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Hostal DoÃa Ari
Santa Clara Cuba
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Aurora Beach Hotel
Corfu Greece
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Apartment Mila
Dubrovnik Croatia
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Botaira Resort
Hostel in Yasawa Islands Fiji
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El Plantio Villa
Hostel in Valencia Spain
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Hostel in Galway Ireland
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Hostal Barcelona
Hostel in Barcelona Spain
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Available hostels and hotels in San Rafael


Address: El Moro Rama Caida
Description: 'Andeslands' Will receive you with a warm welcome....
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Hostel San Rafael

Address: San Juan 155 San Rafael
Description: The only hostel located opposite the new bus terminal in San Rafael....
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Rogupani Hostel

Address: Bernardo de Irigoyen 695
Description: Comfortable rooms with shared or private bathrooms can be booked at Hostel Rogupani in downtown San Rafael...
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Shanti Hostel

Address: Hipolito Yrigoyen 2602
Description: Private and shared rooms in a comfortable, clean and cool. Sun, swimming pool, barbecue, drinks and activ...
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The Tree House Hostel

Address: Salto de Las Rosas
Description: Very close to the city center in a wonderful place and close to the nature as well....
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