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Nirmal Haveli
Hostel in Jaisalmer India
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Emirhan Inn
Hostel in Istanbul Turkey
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Paradise Hostel
Hostel in Ilha Grande Brazil
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Siang Guest House
Hostel in Labuan Malaysia
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Available hostels and hotels in Cochabamba

Anexo Ginas

Address: Calle Mexico 346, entre Espaƃa y 25 de mayo.
Description: Guesthouse Anexo Ginas features comfortable beds and friendly atmosphere that will make your stay pleasant with us....
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Apart Hotel Violettas Srl

Address: Lanza 464
Description: Welcome to Apart Hotel Violettas...
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Cabana Las Lilas

Address: Tiquipaya Cochabamba
Description: Welcome to Cabana Las Lilas!...
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HI-Hostal Versalles

Address: Av. Ayacucho No: S-0714 entre C. Aroma y L. Cabrera
Description: HI-Hostel Versalles which is within walking distance from the bus terminal and Cochabambaļæ½s city centre......
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Hostal Maya Bolivia

Address: Calle Colombia al Oeste 710 Entre calles Suipacha y Costanera
Description: It is a very old house remodeled in Cochabamba's downtown...
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Jaguar House

Address: Calle Baptista 746
Description: Welcoming, youthful and clean environment!...
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Residencial Concordia

Address: Avenida Aroma E-437
Description: BH & H Hostel Concordia is located in the city centre of Cochabamba and has many amenities for travellers......
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Running Chaski Hostel

Address: Calle Espaƃa #449 casi Calle Mƃxico
Description: Chaski Come Running! Here is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city, the perfect combination of relaxation and entertainment that will give you what you need....
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Turismo Rural Campo Aventura

Address: Corani Pampa
Description: By spending time here at Campo Aventura you will have the opportunity to stay in our beautifully made rus...
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