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Pouso dos Anjos
Lisbon Portugal
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Acorn Villa
Limassol Cyprus
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B&B Punta Hostel
Punta del Este Uruguay
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HI Praia do Forte Hostel
Praia do Forte Brazil
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Lu Hospedagem
Rio de Janeiro Brazil
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Virginia Beach Durres
Durres Albania
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Pousada do Didi
Hostel in Chapada dos Guimaraes Brazil
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Leez Inn
Hostel in Manila Philippines
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Two Seasons Guesthouse
Hostel in Port of Spain Trinidad And Tobago
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Sudaji Guesthouse
Hostel in Sudaji Village Indonesia
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Available hostels and hotels in Fortaleza

Albergaria Hostel

Address: Antonio Augusto St. 111
Description: We are a nice and cozy place, if you want feel at home come to Albergaria Hostel. We have everything you...
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Albergue Veraneio

Address: Av. Dioguinho, 6000 Praia do Futuro
Description: Albergue Veraneio was born to provide to our guests and friends, a perfect combination of comfort, hospit...
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Aloha Hostel

Address: Avenida Almirante Barroso, 913, Praia de Iracema
Description: Welcome to Aloha Hostel!...
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Bom Fim SuÃtes

Address: Rua Antonele Bezerra n 326 - Bairro Meireles
Description: Cozy and with several areas to socialize or just relax by the pool, we offer individual options for couples or groups of four, six and up to 24 people for hosting....
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Ceara Hostel

Address: Avenida Dom Manuel Number 89 Praia de Iracema
Description: Fortaleza is an excellent base for seeing Cearïżœ. We are just a few blocks from Praia de Iracema where you will find cafes, restaurants and pubs in abundance....
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Fortaleza Hostel

Address: Rua Dona Leopoldina, 323
Description: Fortaleza Hostel offers comfortable dorms (female and male dorms) near to the downtown area....
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Full Sail Hostel

Address: Rua Deputado Moreira da Rocha, 399 Meireles
Description: The only party enough Hostel in Fortaleza! Free Daily Caipirinha!...
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H2H Fortaleza Hotel&Hostel

Address: R. Dom Joaquim, 240 Praia de Iracema
Description: We know that to be a good hostel you need comfort and practicality! Therefore, the H2H studied all the rooms of the house to provide the best accommodations for our guests....
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Hostel Aldeia Inn

Address: Rua General Melo Machado, 97, Aldeota
Description: Hostel Aldeia Inn offers affordable accommodation in Fortaleza, Brazil....
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Hostel Taiba Albergue

Address: Rua Capitao Inacio prata n, 415 TAIBA - Sao GonÃalo do Amarante
Description: Familiar and cozy hostel only 100m from the beach....
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Iracema Hostel

Address: Rua JoÃo Cordeiro 193 Centro
Description: Iracema Hostel has the best location for your stay in Fortaleza...
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Pousada Ideal Beach

Address: Av. Monsenhor Tabosa,1340 Fortaleza
Description: Really well located, Pousada Ideal Beach provides, cable Tv, air conditioning, free WiFi, and breakfast i...
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Pousada Morada do Sol - My Space

Address: Rua Senador Almino,1, Fortaleza
Description: Really close to the beach, we are lucky to have this great location to offer you, not only the beach but...
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Pousada Savoy

Address: Rua Dom Joaquim, 321, Centro, Fortaleza
Description: Its is a familiar Pousada, with friendly staff, and we made a renovation for you! We are really well loc...
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Praia Hostel Fortaleza

Address: Rua dos Pacajus, 66
Description: We offer a simple and homely atmosphere, with good and affordable prices....
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RefÃgio Hostel Fortaleza

Address: Rua Deputado JoÃo Lopes, 31
Description: The RefÃgio Hostel Fortaleza is an excellent option for those who are in search of a nice place to relax. It's a calm, cozy, clean and safe place....
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