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Hotel Beatrice
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Available hostels and hotels in Ilhabela


Address: rua Pedro de Paula Moraes 890 Ilhabela, Sao Paulo
Description: Caxinguele meet us in this beautiful natural place....
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Granola Hostel

Address: Rua AntÃnio de Carvalho, 314 - Saco do indaiÃ
Description: Granola Hostel was founded by two travellers eager to share stories and have the pleasure of helping other travellers....
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Green Hostel Ilhabela

Address: Rua Luiz Ameixeiro, 181 PerequÃ
Description: We have great location in town for your convenience, just a few steps from many facilities and the Perequà beach, which offers a diversity of sports and actives with equipment for renting along the beach....
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HI Bonns Ventos Hostel

Address: R. Benedito S. Sampaio, 371
Description: Bonns Ventos Hostel is located at Pereque beach, facing the Sao Sebastiao channel. Our front yard and swi...
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Hostel Central Ilhabela

Address: Rua Irene R. Barbosa, 116
Description: Hostel Central Ilhabela is located at the central area of Ilhabela....
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Hostel da Vila

Address: Rua SÃo Benedito 202, Casa 2
Description: Hostel da Vila is prefect for relax and enjoy with friends....
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Hostel Pai Pai Jose

Address: Rua Sergio Rodrigues 48 Perequà - Ilhabela - SP
Description: O Hostel Pai Josà offers the perfect combination for a cheap and fun accommodation....
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Pousada Do Sidao

Address: Rua Benedito Pedro Dos Santos 89 Ilhabela
Description: Pousada do Sidao has a vast experience in the hospitality sector and a great knowledge of the city, so we capitalise both elements to bring our guests and travellers useful tips to let them enjoy and discover full power Ilhabela and Brazil....
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Pousada e Hostel Aloha

Address: Av. Pedro de Paula Moraes, 47 - Beach Front Bairro- Vila - Praia Saco da Capela
Description: Pousada e Hostel Aloha is new hostel located just in front of the beach. The property has large suites and dorms....
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Pousada Manga Rosa

Address: Rua Francisco Gomes da Silva Prado, 34
Description: Pousada Manga Rosa thought of everything to make your stay perfect: WIRELESS throughout hostel area, park...
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Pousada Recanto da Villa

Address: Rua Anibal Telles Correa, 89
Description: Our mission is to provide our guests, tranquility for their stay in our Guesthouse and our beautiful isla...
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Pouso Sambaquis

Address: Rua PossidÃnio Gomes da Silva, 111 PerequÃ
Description: Pouso Sambaquis for relaxed holidays with old and new friends....
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Ruculas House Hostel

Address: Rua Assis Lidio do Nascimento, 40 Agua Branca
Description: Ruculas House Hostel will help you to meet Ilhabela, Brazil and the World....
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