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Casa de los Cuentos
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Available hostels and hotels in Joao Pessoa

Che Lagarto Hostel Joao Pessoa

Address: Rua OzÃrio Paes Carvalho Rocha, n 60
Description: Unmatched suites! Privileged location, comfortable and well equipped. The best option in the city!...
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Flat Mar do Cabo Branco

Address: Av. Cabo Branco, 2316
Description: Apartments with split air, cable TV, Wi-Fi, minibar, mini kitchen with all utensils for quick meals. O...
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HI Manaira

Address: R. Major Ciraulo,380
Description: The Mana´┐Żra Hostel is located in one of the best neighborhoods on the coast of Joao Pessoa, just 300 meters from the Manaira beach....
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Hostel Boi Bumba

Address: Avenida Presidente EpitÃcio Pessoa 4841 JoÃo Pessoa
Description: Hostel Boi Bumba accommodations are spacious and comfortable....
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Hostel Casa dos GirassÃis

Address: Rua Vicente Ielpe 1.316
Description: Hostel Casa dos GirassÃis the best price for great location....
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Jampa Hostel

Address: Av. Presidente Afonso Pena, 930 - Bessa
Description: Jampa Hostel offers a wide range of rooms near the beach in Joao Pessoa....
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Slow Hostel

Address: Av. Cajazeiras, 108 ManaÃra Marina
Description: Slow Hostel is the smallest hostel budget accomodation in Jo´┐Żo Pessoa, we don't extra charge you when yo...
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Tambaà Hostel - Albergue da Juventude

Address: Av. Monteiro Lobato , 773 , TambaÃ
Description: Situated between the beaches of Cabo Branco ManaÃra and providing comfort and convenience. Within 500 meters from the sea....
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