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Artflat 27 - Mitte - Bellevue
Hostel in Berlin Germany
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El Montañes
Hostel in Antigua Guatemala
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La Plata Hostel
Hostel in La Plata Argentina
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Jungle Safari Lodge
Hostel in Chitwan Nepal
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Available hostels and hotels in Veliko Tarnovo

Apartment Bulgaria

Address: str. Vasil levski 14 v Vasil levski14 v
Description: Bulgaria hotel apartment consists of 4 elegantly furnished rooms, 2 of which are bedrooms and have their own bathrooms, while the other two have 2 beds each and a shared bathroom...
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Hikers Hostel

Address: Samovodska Charshia 91 Rezervoarska Street
Description: Hikers Hostel is located in Veliko Tarnovo, a town once proclaimed the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom......
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Address: Gurko street 10 February street No 8
Description: You can find us in the most picturesque street in the town, which still keeps the Renaissance atmosphere of Veliko Tarnovo...
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Hostel Mostel Veliko Tarnovo

Address: 10, Iordan Indjeto str.
Description: We�d love to have you in our new hostel! It�s in a recently renovated big-old-traditional Bulgarian house with great location � just a step away from Tsarevets fortress...
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Hotel Varusha

Address: 6 Vastanicheska Str Veliko Tarnovo 6 Vastanicheska Str Veliko Tarnovo
Description: Hotel Varusha offers comfortable and well-equipped rooms....
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Le Rendezvous

Address: 3 Mitropolit Panaret Rashev
Description: Le Rendezvous offers best location to explore the city!...
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Number 60

Address: Kolio Gaitandjiata str. 60
Description: Private rooms Veliko Tyrnovo is located in a great area of Veliko Tarnovo!...
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Rooster Hostel

Address: Kapitan Dyado Nikola 2 str.
Description: Rooster Hostel offers fantastic location - in the very heart of the old town!...
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Trendy Inn

Address: #3 10-th february street
Description: Our guesthouse is in the old quarter, overlooking the whole city, Holywood hill and Assens monument....
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