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HI Guaruja
Hostel in Guaruja Brazil
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Rooms Vicelic
Hostel in Dubrovnik Croatia
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Old Town Apartments - Metzer Str.
Hostel in Berlin Germany
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Hill View Farm
Hostel in Cong Ireland
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Available hostels and hotels in Kep

Bird of Paradise Bungalows

Address: Phum Thmey, Sangkat Prey Thom, Kep, Kep Province
Description: Bird of Paradise Bungalows is a small boutique resort of 8 bungalows, 5 traditional timber Khmer....
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Khmer House Bungalow

Address: Roads #33
Description: Khmer House Bungalow has a small restaurant that has a view of Rabbit Island, Sea View and Nation Park....
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Khmer House Hostel

Address: 33A, Thmey Village Prey Thom Commune
Description: Khmer House Hostel located near the Main Roads 33A, closed to Crab Market just around 7 minutes walk...
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Rusty Keyhole Kep

Address: Off Road 33A Kep Village
Description: Rusty Keyhole Kep is just a few minutes drive from the Rabbit Island pier, or for more of Kep's enviable fresh air and views....
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The Boathouse

Address: Road 33 prey thom quarter, Kep Kep Province
Description: There are 2 houses in The Boathouse. One is colonial house and the other is traditional Cambodia house. Both with a very nice tropical garden....
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