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Available hostels and hotels in Puerto Natales

Cabana Dona Maria

Address: Bruno Canobra, N.357 Puerto Natales
Description: Cabana Dona Maria will help you to meet Puerto Natales, Chile and the World....
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Casa Hospedaje Costanera

Address: Juan Yutronic nro. 419
Description: Coast Hosting provides personalized service to our visitors, giving them the information necessary for a successful trip through Patagonia....
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Casa Lili

Address: Bories 153
Description: Casa Lili is the right place to enjoy with all our facilities and services....
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El Patagonico

Address: O�Higgins 741
Description: Hostel El Patagonico is located in Puerto Natales, Chile...
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Hospedaje de Maria

Address: Chorrillos 771
Description: Hospedaje de Maria is located in downtown (Chorrillos st, 771) between Baquedano St and Ramirez (just a few blocks from the bus station...
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Hostal Arkya

Address: Manuel Bulnes 1494
Description: Just 3 blocks from Los 4 Pueblos scenic viewpoint in Puerto Natales, Arkya offers rooms with free Wi-Fi. Shared or private bathrooms can be booked. Shuttles from the bus terminal are free. Excursions can be booked through the tour desk....
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Hostal Bellavista Puerto Natales

Address: Galvarino 335
Description: Welcome to Hostal Bellavista Puerto Natales!...
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Hostal Coloane

Address: 596 Ignacio Carrera Pinto Street
Description: The Coloane Hostal is located in Puerto Natales, Chile...
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Hostal Geminis

Address: Phillipi 653
Description: Welcome a Geminis Inn...
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Hostal Lili-Patagonicos

Address: Arturo Prat 479
Description: We offer rooms with private and shared bathroom, matrimonial, double, triple, single and quadruple rooms,...
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Hostal San Agustin

Address: Arauco 629
Description: Hostal San AgustÃn offers accommodations in Puerto Natales....
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Hostel Chuman-Go

Address: Baquedano, 559 Puerto natales
Description: Hostel Chuman-Go is located in the city of Puerto Natales. 245 kilometers from our capital is Punta Arenas and 150 kilometers from the eighth wonder of the world as Paine Towers....
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Hostel la Bitacora

Address: Blanco Encalada, N. 754 Puerto Natales
Description: Hostel Bitacora will help you to meet and explore Puerto Natales and Chile....
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Hostel Last Hope

Address: Arturo Prat, 499
Description: Hostel Last Hope is the ideal place for discover the beautiful attractions of Chile....
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Hostel Natales

Address: Ladrilleros 209
Description: Natales Hostel haswifi 24 hours a day, a television, a small bar for happy hour and snacks, as well as resting / reading spaces....
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Address: Benjamin Zamora 770
Description: Welcome to Kiooshtem!...
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Niko's II Adventure

Address: Phillipi, 528
Description: Hostal Nikos II is located in the heart of Puerto Natales, in the Chilean Patagonia....
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Nikos I

Address: Ramirez 669 Puerto Natales
Description: Nikos I will help you to meet and explore Puerto Natales and Chile....
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Pingo Salvaje Country House

Address: Laguna Sofia 30 km away from Puerto Natales Esmeralda 661
Description: Pingo Salvaje Country House is waiting for you with a warm welcome!...
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Puma House

Address: Miraflores 742 Puerto Natales
Description: Puma House will help you to meet Puerto Natales and Chile....
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Red Point Patagonia

Address: O'higgins 1171 Puerto Natales
Description: Red Point Patagonia will help you to meet and explore Puerto Natales and Chile....
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Refugio Hoshken

Address: Av. Santiago Bueras 827
Description: Refugio Hoshken will help you to meet Puerto Natalaes, Chile and the World...
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Residencial Danicar

Address: Ohiggins#707
Description: You will find a very familiar Ambiente, near the towncenter of Pto. Natales, but also very quiet............
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The Singing Lamb Backpackers

Address: Arauco 779
Description: The Singing Lamb Backpackers is a new experience in Puerto Natales....
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Address: Manuel Bulnes 499
Description: Located in Puerto Natales city centre, Vinnhaus is a fully-renovated historical house providing hostel accommodation in a vintage atmosphere....
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We are Patagonia Bed and Breakfast

Address: Galvarino #745
Description: We are Patagonia Bed and Breakfast, we have everything you need to make your stay in Puerto Natales the best!...
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Xalpen B&B

Address: BenjamÃn Zamora NÂ541 Puerto Natales
Description: Xalpen B&B will help you to meet and explore Puerto Natales and Chile....
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Address: ohiggins 584
Description: Yagan house is in Puerto Natales city center, this new property was designed for you better comfort , we have the best beds,new mattresses and pleasant and softy...
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Zaltaxar B&B

Address: Galvarino NÂ 661 Puerto Natales
Description: Zaltaxar B&B will help you to meet Puerto Natales, Chile and the World....
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