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Hostal Casa Rivera
Hostel in Bogota Colombia
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Tunco Lodge
Hostel in El Sunzal El Salvador
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Golden Mountain Hostel
Hostel in Bangkok Thailand
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Casa Bellavista Hostel
Hostel in Bogota Colombia
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Available hostels and hotels in Dali

Dali Color of Wind Hostel 2nd

Address: North Yeyu Road(opp. to final stop of Bus 8) Old Dali Town
Description: The colors of the wind court No. 2 (Mu Fu backyard) is o nly 5 minutes walking distance to the old town....
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Dali Dragon Music Hotel

Address: No.124, Shi Men Village, Sanyue Street Old Town
Description: Dali Dragon Music Hostel is located in Yunnan Province, the Ancient Dali City, with an altitude of 2200 meters, 200 meters distance from the old city of Dali....
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Dali Green Mud Corner Guest House

Address: No.1 Road Maihuacun Xiacun
Description: Dali Green Mud Corner Guest House provides you a good sleep in Dali....
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Dali Lao Shay Youth Hostel

Address: 2# Pingdeng Road Dali Town
Description: Dali Lao Shay, is located within the ancient walls of the old town of Dali, in the Baizu Aboriginal living area. A fully-equipped self-help kitchen...
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Dali Mufu International Youth Hotel

Address: Opposite to East Gate of 60th Hospital North End of Yeyu Road, Dali Old Town
Description: Dali Mufu International Youth Hotel is just located opposite to the east gate of 60th Hospital (final stop of Bus 8) at the northeast corner of old Dali Town(inside of the town)....
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Dali Old Town Campanula Hostel

Address: Dali old town Hong Wu road dream theater diagonally opposite position
Description: Dali Ancient City Campanula Hostel is located in the historic Dali Old Town, a 2-minute walk from Dream T...
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Dali Spring Field Inn

Address: 42 Dongyu street Dali Ancient Town
Description: Dali Spring Field Inn provides accommodation in Dali....
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Dragon Inn

Address: No.147 Ping Deng Road
Description: Dragon Inn has luggage office, laundry service, and self-help kitchen, guests can enjoy drinks and meals in inn. Inn staff can also assist the guest to arrange sightseeing....
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Four Seasons Youth Hostel

Address: No.26 Renmin Road Dali Old Town
Description: Standing in the center of Dali old town, Four Seasons Youth Hostel Dali is totally in a traditional Bai ethnic group courtyard which consists the building of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter...
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Hotel Dalifornia

Address: 104 Guang Wu Road
Description: Our aim is to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. a home away from home...
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Meet Inn Dali

Address: No.374, Yu'er Road Dali Old Town
Description: Meet Inn Dali is a guesthouse located in a minor road in the center of Dali old town....
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The Jade Emu International Hostel

Address: Area 10, West Gate Village
Description: Located just 1 minute from the West wall of Dali Old Town and 5 minutes walk to the centre of town, the Jade Emu International Guest House is conveniently located....
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The Lily Pad

Address: West Gate Village Dali Old Town
Description: The Lily Pad Inn - Dali Old Town Guest House Dali old town rooms, comfortably furnished in a large priva...
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Water Inn

Address: No.70 Sideng village Jianchuan County Dali
Description: Water Inn provides Private rooms in Dali....
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