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Available hostels and hotels in Dengfeng Shaolin Temple

Dengfeng Cangjingge International Youth Hostel

Address: Walk toward West 100m from the junction of Dayu Rd and Chongfu Rd
Description: Dengfeng Cangjingge International Youth Hostel is at the foot of Mout. Song. As the only international youth hostel in Dengfeng...
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Dengfeng Cloudloft International Youth Hostel

Address: Westward Dayu&Chongfu Road Crossing, Southen Road Close to the Only One Church In Dengfeng City
Description: Welcome to DengfengShaolin international youth hostel. Our hostel is located at downtown of Dengfeng, which is adjacent to Mount Songshan and just two kilometres away from Songyang College....
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Dengfeng Shaolin International Youth Hostel

Address: No. 5, 19th Lane, Chong Fu Road Dengfeng City
Description: Dengfeng Shaolin International Youth Hostel is located north side of Songshan mountains, neighboring Taishi mountain where is the favorable destination for rock climbing, outdoor activities....
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Kungfu Hostel

Address: No 20 Building of Shaolin Holiday Village (Wang Zi Shaolin Temple
Description: The best part is we have Kungfu Class and Maditation class for free. Despite our recent additions, we've kept the ancient classical Chinese architecture intact for a Zen-like feel....
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Shaolin Traveler Hostel

Address: 308 Chong Gao Street (West)
Description: We offer Brand new 2, 3 and 5 room dorms, several private rooms and a special group room with one extra- large bed (4-6 people)....
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Zen Hostel

Address: No.20 Wangzhigo Shaolin Temple
Description: A journey to Shao Lin Temple, experience the glamour of Kung Fu show. Rest in Zen Hostel, far away from the noisy of the city and return to natural conscience....
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