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Hostel in Prague Czech Republic
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Petit Palace Plaza del Carmen Square
Hostel in Madrid Spain
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Olga Bed & Breakfast
Hostel in Muro de Alcoy - Alicante Spain
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Hotel Segria
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Available hostels and hotels in Dunhuang

Charley Johng's Dune Guesthouse

Address: Dunhuang Mingsha Shan Sha Sheng Zhi Wu Yuan Yuequan Shan Zhuang
Description: Our hostel is just 10 minutes away from central Dunhuang but feels like a world away from it all amidst...
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DunHuang Moli Desert Camping

Address: The Northeast Side of dunhuang Crescent Lake
Description: In Dun Huang Moli International Hostel, there are several room types available for the customer to choose from, such as the double rooms, 6 bed female dorms and 8 bed male dorms....
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Dunhuang ShaZhouYi International Youth Hostel

Address: No.8, Qilian Road, Dunhuang City diagonally across the street from the west gate of
Description: Being a new youth hostel with simple and brightly-colored style of decoration, it will give you the feeling of bathing in the spring wind...
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The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel

Address: Dunyue Road, Dun Huang City
Description: The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel is founded in 1995. Situated against the backdrop of the picturesque Mingsha...
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Zephyr International Youth Hostel

Address: Crescent moon Village
Description: Zephyr International Youth Hostel is situated in the well-known Crescent Moon of Dun Huang, where everything is easily within walking distance....
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