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HI Guaruja
Hostel in Guaruja Brazil
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Rooms Vicelic
Hostel in Dubrovnik Croatia
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Old Town Apartments - Metzer Str.
Hostel in Berlin Germany
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Hill View Farm
Hostel in Cong Ireland
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Available hostels and hotels in Fenghuang-Phoenix County

Fenghuang Biancheng Hostel

Address: Rainbow Middle Road
Description: It only takes 3-5 minutes of you to walk from the hostel to the place of attraction in the town,eg:Tuojiang,East Gate,Rainbow street,House of Sheng Congwen....
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FengHuang Fleeting Night Hostel

Address: No.46 Qian Bing Fang Lane (beside Hong Bridge KFC) Hongqiao Road
Description: FengHuang Fleeting Night Hostel is in a lane behind main street, which could make us sleep better....
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House of Hemu

Address: No.1, Zaoyang Road
Description: Fenghuang House of Hemu is located in heart of the acient city, only a few minites walk to most attractions....
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Phoenix International Youth Hostel

Address: Sha Wan No.11 (Hongqiao Esat Gate) Tuojiang Town
Description: The hostel is located in a famous preserved building in Phoenix County. We provide 4 standard rooms and 8...
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Ten People One House

Address: No.24 Wenxing Street (Beside Confucian Temple) , Fenghuang-Phoenix County,
Description: Ten People One House provides you Dorm room with WiFi....
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Twelve Time International Hostel

Address: No.12 Zhong Yin Street
Description: Next to the former residence of Shen Cong Wen, Twelve time International Youth Hostel provides you with easy access to the places where Fenghuang has to offer....
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White Hostel Fenghuang

Address: No.39 Wang Jia Lane (beside South Gate) Fenghuang-Phoenix County
Description: White Hostel Fenghuang has a good location in Phoenix Old Town...
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