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Available hostels and hotels in Jiuzhaigou

A Bu Lu Zi Eco Lodge

Address: Shang Si Zhai Zhang Zha Zhen, Jiuzhaigou
Description: Our guests' experience of Jiuzhaigou and introducing our unique Tibetan culture are our main focus. We t...
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Friendship Hostel

Address: Aba Zangzuqiangzu Pengfeng Village nearby Paradise entrance Plaza
Description: Friendship Hostel provides different type of rooms which include stander rooms....
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Jiuzhaigou Hotel Jenny

Address: #56 Shaba village Zhangzha town
Description: Hotel Jenny was co-founded by two local Tibetan girls namely Li and Ling. It is situated in Shaba village...
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Jiuzhaigou Hua Jian Ji Inn

Address: No.2 Duozeke Street Zhangzha Town
Description: Conveniently situated in Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou Hua Jian Ji Inn provides you with easy access to all sights....
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JiuZhaiGou Xin Tao Ge Tibetan Inn

Address: Long Kang Village Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan Province
Description: Featuring free WiFi throughout the property, JiuZhaiGou Xin Tao Ge Tibetan Inn offers pet-friendly accommodation in Jiuzhaigou, 3.4 km from the entrance of the national park....
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Jiuzhaigou Zhaozilong Guesthouse

Address: No.7 Duozeke Street Across the "Dream Jiuzhai" of Zhangzha Town
Description: Guest room of the main building is a modern Tibetan typical three layer building, Tibetan style with beautiful appearance, room internal clean, quiet, safe and comfortable...
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Jiuzhaigou Ziyou Hostel

Address: Pengfeng Village
Description: Jiuzhaigou Ziyou International Youth Hostel, located in the famous fairy tale world, a paradise on earth...
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Senior Year Inn

Address: Opposite Dream Jiuzhai Zhangzha Town
Description: Set in a Tibet-style building, Senior Year Inn offers comfortable accommodation in Jiuzhaigou. It feature...
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Tibetan Barley Hostel

Address: No. 7, A Rang Ka Shang Street, Er Dui Zhangzha Town
Description: Every room has a Bathroom ,which include a water heater,a lavabo and a toilet. Every room has free WiFi....
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Utpala Hostel

Address: 2 Geleshang Dr. Zhangzha Village, Zhangzha Town Jiuzhaigou
Description: Amidst the green mountains and blue waters of a World Heritage Site, in the town of Zhazhang, Jiuzhai Valley, Dakini Villa Hotel is a distinctive Tibetan villa around Anduo District...
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Zhao Zilong Guesthouse

Address: No.12 Duozeke Street Zhangzha Town
Description: The main building is a 3-floor modern Tibetan style building. Hall and public areas are characteristic as the local Tibetan home....
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Zhuoma Hostel

Address: Xian Peng Feng Chun
Description: We have a small court, where guests can enjoy majiang (a traditional Chinese game) and have some beer together....
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