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Available hostels and hotels in Xishuangbanna

Caffy&Ken Backpackers' Hostel

Address: No.20 Mengzhe Rd, Cross Mengle da dao (Behind Xiaocai Guan, Close to Jindu Hotel)
Description: Situated in Mengzhe Road, a street full of delicious snacks, Backpackers' Hostel is in the heart of Jinghong. The convenient location provides you with easy access to the scenic spots....
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Dengba Hostel Xishuangbanna Branch

Address: Floor 5 Building 2 Zhongjing Mingcheng Menghai Road, Jinghong
Description: Demba chain inn Xishuangbanna store is located in the center of the city, there are benefits of accommoda...
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Joy Hostel

Address: No.06,Zhuanghong Road Jing Hong
Description: Xishuangbanna Zouyi International Y features free WiFi throughout the property. A flat-screen TV is provided....
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Mekong River Hostel

Address: Menglong Road Jinglan International building G(fac
Description: Mekong River Riverside Garden is within walking distance.Mekong and Meimei cafe is...
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Riverside International Hostel

Address: 15F, No.1 Block, Xishuang Shier Cheng JingHong
Description: With the best location in the city, Riverside International Guesthouse offers several kinds of rooms. From dorm to standard rooms, also the deluxe rooms....
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Travel Demo International Youth Hostel

Address: Minghang road NO.59 Jinghong, Xishuangbanna (near the Tai garden hotel
Description: The Inn lobby boasts home-like free activity areas and caters for movies, concerts, and leisure for tourists, as a destination both tranuil and lively....
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Wanderlust Hostel

Address: next to Qingshun Restaurant,Binjiang Avenue Jinghong City,Xishuangbanna state
Description: All super markets and night markets are nearby as long as the bar street....
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Xi Shuang Ban Na Metro Golf Hotel

Address: Xishuanglinyu, Yajule Avenue Gasa Travel Town, Dai Minority Prefecture
Description: Xi Shuang Ban Na Metro Golf Hotel Provides beds in Jing Hong....
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Xishuangbanna Utopia Hostel

Address: No 10,Manyun Alley,Middle Galan Rd 666100 Jinghong
Description: Bike hire is available at this hostel and the area is popular for hiking. The hostel also offers car hire. Xishuangbanna International Airport is 5 km from the property....
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Zouyi Hostel

Address: No62, MengLe Avenue
Description: Xishuangbanna Zouyi Hostel is located in center of the national tourism market 62 Mengle Avenue Xishuangbanna, you can enjoy free car pick-up service, hostels nearby Mengle Cultural Square, the night market street, Thai barbecue Park, Riverside Park....
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