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Life Aviator
Kempton Park South Africa
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Hotel Kalisperis
Santorini Greece
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Hacienda Santiscal
Arcos de la Frontera Spain
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A&O Dresden Hauptbahnhof
Dresden Germany
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Milan Italy
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Borgo di Pietra Bianca
Erice Italy
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North Star Apartments
Hostel in Reykjavik Iceland
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Casa de los Cuentos
Hostel in Guanajuato Mexico
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Gatwick Gable End Guest House
Hostel in Gatwick England
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B&B Aronica
Hostel in Rome Italy
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Available hostels and hotels in Isla Fuerte

La Playita Hostel

Address: La Playita, Puerto LimÃn Isla Fuerte, BolÃvar
Description: The island has a population of around 2000, mostly of African descent. The island is encircled by coral reefs and scattered rocks where fish and other ocean creatures gather....
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