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Hostal Alicia
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Wulanbate Inn
Hostel in Hohhot China
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Hotel Beatrice
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Available hostels and hotels in Manizales

Aparta Estudios Amoblados Mi Casa

Address: Calle 8 # 9-36
Description: Aparta Estudios Amoblados Mi Casa is located in Manizales, 26 km from Santa Rosa de Cabal....
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Aqui Me Quedo Hostal

Address: Calle 67 # 23 A 33 Barrio Alto Palermo
Description: Welcome to the Aqui Me Quedo hostal. Located in a quiet neighbourhood and only a stones throw away from the city centre, you have the best of both worlds rolled into one!...
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Casa Blanca Hostel Manizales

Address: Calle 55A, # 22-08
Description: Welcome to Casa Blanca Hostal Manizales...
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Casa Lassio

Address: calle 66 no 23 B - 56 Calle de los Faroles
Description: Share with us your stay in Manizales !...
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Golden Frog Mountain Hostel

Address: Carrera 22 # 19 -11 Third Floor
Description: Golden Frog Mountain Hostel has flowers all around the property, an area of hammocks to relax in a salon with a very natural atmosphere,...
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Hacienda Venecia

Address: Vereda El Rosario
Description: Do you love coffee? Come and live on a real coffee farm in a traditional coffee-pickers lodging!...
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Hostal Caldense

Address: Cra 21 58-54 Cra 23 75-248
Description: Hostal Caldense offers free wifi. The breakfast is included....
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Hostal de la 57

Address: cra 24 A # 57-63
Description: Come and stay in Hostal de la 57. Facilities are designed to meet current needs with an unbeatable price. We are ready to make your staying an unforgivable experience....
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Hostal de la Montana

Address: Calle 65 A NÂ 23 B 110 Calle 65 A NÂ 23 B 110
Description: Welcome to Hostal de la Montana...
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Hostal Gaviki

Address: El Porvenir la China Manizales
Description: At Hostal Gaviki You will find the punctuality, cleanness and human quality of a good place to be....
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Hostal Kaleidoscopio

Address: Calle 20 # 21 - 15
Description: Kaleidoscopio it is a cozy place, created and designed thinking in our travelers friends...
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Hostel Tukama

Address: Carrera 23 B No 70
Description: A different concept of lodging which aims to demonstrate that every day grows Manizales tourist and culture showing that our country is characterized by love, drive and desire that we work daily....
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Mauro Hilton

Address: Vereda Manzanares, Finca la merced 170008
Description: Mauro Hilton is a place where you`ll immediately want to grab something cool and get situated beside the pool to soak up paradise....
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Mirador Andino

Address: Carrera 23 NÃmero 32 20
Description: Mirando Andino will be pleased to make your stay in Manizales unique....
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Mirador Finca Morrogacho

Address: Morrogacho Villa Jordan enseguida de noviciado salvatorianos, Casa Amarill
Description: Welcome to Mirador Finca Morrogacho!...
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Mountain Hostels

Address: Calle 66 # 23 b 91, Barrio Palermo
Description: In a great part in town, in the modern Manizales. Within easy reach transportation to different parts of...
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Termales del Ruiz

Address: Antigua Via al Nevado del Ruiz Km 22
Description: Welcome to Termales del Ruiz an contemporary Hotel create for relax and enjoy the nature....
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