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Artflat 27 - Mitte - Bellevue
Hostel in Berlin Germany
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El Montañes
Hostel in Antigua Guatemala
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La Plata Hostel
Hostel in La Plata Argentina
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Jungle Safari Lodge
Hostel in Chitwan Nepal
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  Some customer feedback regarding our booking engine...

The booking went well and without any problems. When we arrived to the booked hotel in Hungary, the hotel stuff had full control of our reservation and the amount we would pay.
Chris. O.

I found it very easy to book accommodation on the internet with It was a little difficult to get all information about the surroundings around the hotel, but it was sorted out. I will recommend your booking engine!
Sebastien - U.K

The booking wnt just as smooth and quick as promised. I booked three different stays for my trip to spain and everything worked fine!

Lovely! Maybe you should update with more pictures of the different accommodations.. otherwise OK!
Emilie - Sweden

More than satisfied! We booked hostels by continuously during the trip, about 7-8 accommodations and hostels, and we booked directly through our laptop that we had with us on the trip. We booked through the laptop and your booking engine and just after we went into the accommodation. The result was a much cheaper price than if we would have booked over the desk. The Internet is fantastic, I dont understand how you are doing but it is amazing. Thanks alot, we are satisfied and will use it again for future trips. We are now planning a voyage to Fiji
Göran & Britt - Sigtuna

Ni rockar fett!

Easy Booking and prices were also very competitive!
Mathew L.

Maybe you should have a system where you get more and more discounts for every booking you perform, I like your site

Really good to see the map on all hostels with google map. Especially when you choose the satellite view and see the beaches and surrounding streets. Superb!
Mc Gurk . Ottawa

Do you have a comment on the reservation process, positive or negative, we welcome it. Thanks for your feedback.

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